The Business and Tech Podcast is the FIRST targeting business leaders and IT leaders to drive success in their businesses.   We explore the best practices and lessons learned for successful projects and businesses.  We include both Technology and Business interviews helping to drive success and ensure understanding each other’s goals.  

This interview based Podcast explores the friction that can enter into the business processes and the MANY Technology solutions that are possible.

The podcast is interview based with successful Corporate Business Leaders, IT Leaders, CIO/CTOs, Consutling & Development Founders from multiple companies.  Everyone will be interested from corporate CEOs down to startup business founders and then the assocated technology leaders from CIOs, CTOs and others that provide technology systems that help businesses with their solutions. 

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We also be exploring the usage of various business processes, technology, vendors, requirements and development methodologies, outsourcing, consulting and other topics that can help leaders drive SUCCESS in their organizations to solve problems.

The podcast is produced by JMG Solutions Experts but does allow sponsorships and proposals for guests that can add value and would be an interesting interview.   Emails or Call us for to discuss your guests or sponorship ideas.

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