How many Elephants are in Africa? Solving a problem – An Interview with Rob Heittman

The first slightly more technical interview of Rob Heittman an experienced technician but also a business and technology leader.   Rob founded Solertium, a boutique consulting company that has created, fixes and scales projects.   We will learn about where projects go sideways, where teams get in trouble and how to resolve and fix the projects.   We will have many other drill-down interviews with Rob.

0:18 – Jack’s Introduction of George Ross and how we met.

1:26 – Interview with Rob

2:24 – Rob’s Career Background and Solertium

8:06 – Lets talk how to Fix/Enhance systems with Project Team Engagement

9:35 – 3rd Party and Offshore Project Rescues – how to do it – the quick version

15:00 – Successful project approaches

19:45 – Lets talk a bit of technology – what are the go-to products/frameworks

24:02 – Elephants in Africa – The system to count them – harder than you think

30:10 – Quick Hitters

36:44.- Wrap Up


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