Technical Services & Solutions

Our 25+ Years of experience building and implementing systems we have seen “drastic” changes in technology (mostly for the better). We don’t really have “favorites” as we have worked for various companies (, Excite@Home, MatchLogic, etc) and vendors (Oracle, Teradata, etc.) over the years helped many companies (Boeing, eBay, Dell, Paccar, etc) and too many to list startups and high growth tech companies.

Our services are vendor agnostic as but, if asked or hired to do so, will make specific technology and/or vendor recommendations based on the project’s needs or analysis of the system challenges. Our primary goals is to ENSURE success of your project and/or system.

We have extensive experience with on-premises and Cloud systems as well as blended architectures sometimes required by DOD, Government and/or specific corporate systems.

Architecture & Design

We have both “white paper” design services as well as “Evaluation and Recommendations” services for your already in-place or in build progress systems.

We can help evaluate the design of the systems or help the team design them or provide the full design (based on a set of requirements).

A lot of teams “grind” on the architecture and design, which while important, sometimes turns into a “religious” debate about the best “method” or solution, when sometimes BOTH will work and other considerations such as time to market and long term support should be driving more of the conversations and decisions.

Our team can provide or help create the following:

  • (On-Premise, Cloud, Mixed)
  • System Architecture (Application, Data and Physical Architecture components)

  • Second Level Application Architectures (Caching, Network, Code base, etc)

  • Second Level Data Architectures (Schema, Performance, Reporting, Replication, Redundancy)

  • Third Level Data Integration Architecture (Source Systems, Data Usage, Reporting, Cleansing)

Data Architecture & Integration

Data is the Keystone of any system, it is very important that the data is correctly modeled, understood and used with the proper business rules. If the data is not correct, the application and business usage will never be successful.

Our team (and Jack in particular) has deep expertise in data organization, integration, cleansing and usage for multiple applications (as well as reporting systems). If the data architecture and design is correct, most application issues can be resolved quickly.

Performance of data queries is also important. While there are MANY database vendors and products in the marketplace, choosing the right product(s) for the system requirements is very important. They key is to keep “religious” opportunities of various technologies at the outside of the evaluation so the right technology(s) are used vs the “one I like or he likes” that may not be the best fit for the system.

Rest assured, our team can help ensure a proper architecture and design that will perform for the system requirements. We have worked with many application lagnuages, middle-ware and database systems from various vendors and know the the pros and cons of each solution.

Finally, if there is a “struggling” system (with in application, reporting or data integration performance) we can evaluate what is happening and make recommendations for solutions.

Reporting & Analytics

While applications are great, management makes decisions based on KPIs, Dashboard and reports and generally trended over time. Then there is the “big data” and “unstructured data” systems that have evolved over the last 10+ years that put even more pressure on the Analytics.

There are many types of data consumption, the primary ones are listed below that we have deep experience but this is by no means a detailed list (again vendor agnostic).


Browser and Mobile

Reporting Systems

Browser and Mobile

Analytics Systems

Drilldown and 2nd level match equations computations

Big Data Systems

Very broad definition of data that is not row/column based but can include structured data for analysis purposed.

Unstructured Data

Data this is mainly driven by non-row/column based structures

Our team had developed systems using all of the above in various projects and will help drive the solutons that works for your business and technology requirements.

Development Operations (DevOps)

DevOps (as it is called in the industry) are workflows used in Development (coding, testing, deploying systems) as well as Operations (monitoring performance, uptime, etc.). Our team can help with these types of workflows in your systems.

We have taken many systems from “troubled” uptime (99.XX or 97.XX in one case) to 4 9’s (99.99)% uptime) of availability (which is industry standard for best in class – a few minutes of downtime a year).

We can also architect and implement “always on” system with 100% uptime, in the cloud or on-premise, but those system can be quite expensive to deploy and maintain if not properly architected. However, with today’s technology and cloud services it is MUCH easier to deploy and maintain these types of systems today vs just five or ten years ago.

Specially, we can design (for a new system) or evaluate and recommend changes to get the desired system uptime, deployment and testing processes that are repeatable and easy to maintain.

For growing companies and systems that need 7x24 monitoring and staffing, we can help with the DevOps staffing. We can, on request, quote and provide off hours DevOps staff (DBAs, Development, System Administrators, etc.) to help augment your primary day-staff as you grow and need 7x24 operations.

Of course we are happy to help evaluate and coach your team on these processes vs providing direct staff to actually implement the work.