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Sometimes businesses know what they want to do, they just don’t know how to do it. That’s where we come in. For instance, systems integration and data analysis are a huge hurdle for most businesses.  If your customers don’t get their orders in a timely manner, they will be unhappy.  Your business users need “Up to Date” and “Trusted” data and metrics to operate the business.   Ensuring Operational Excellence in providing products, services and content that customer expect.

Business Metrics is one example of how technology can solve problems for businesses.  Indentifying needed system or process changes and implementing those changes can be a struggle to define from the forest.  We know how to help find those challenges and define system and technology changes can solve those problems, we help to realize your with your vision and goals with a solution to ensure success.

Our team has decades of experience providing CIO and CTO services with technical expertise for large and small companies including Apple, eBay,, and Boeing, MatchLogic, to name a few as well as many startup and small companies.  We help your team overcome the issues that stand in the way of achieving success in your industry and key projects.

Business Management Solutions to drive successful systems:

  • Management Services (CIO/CTO)
  • Business Analysis Scoping & Requirements
  • System Design & Project Planning
  • Consulting and Coaching

Technical Solutions to drive successful systems:

  • System Architecture & Design Services
  • Application & Database Architecture & Design
  • Scaling, Performance & Fault Tolerance Challenges
  • Reporting and Analytics with Data Cleansing
  • DevOps Processes and Management

Business Management Solutions Services

We can provide various roles to help small and large businesses.   From our CIO and/or CTO services for Sr. Management to program and project management we ensure systems are delivered On-Time and On-Budget.

We offer a wide variety of services to ensure the success of a project.   Many projects fail early (but you can’t tell yet) because of incomplete requirements, poor design, and unrealistic project timelines or budgets.   We help companies with these early phases of the project to ensure a successful start to the project and our ongoing technical solutions help ensure the delivery of the project.

If your project is already struggling, our team has helped MANY companies rescue systems and application projects that are not going according to plan.

JMG Solutions Experts provides these services on a part-time or full-time interim basis to our clients. Whether your needs are for a specific project, or you require ongoing support, mentoring, and guidance, our team can provide it.

Systems Architecture and Design

When you’re getting ready to launch your business or scale a business that is ready to grow, you need to ensure the success of your application architecture and/or database designs by:

  • Using Best Practices for Design and Requirements Validation
  • Proven methods for planning and managing the project
  • Proven and know Technology to deliver a successful system

Choose JMG Solutions Experts to help get everything you need to be successful with your applications and projects.  We can provide both application and database architecture and design, creating exactly the system that will serve your needs.

We have a reputation for listening carefully to our clients, creating a plan, and offering expert advice.  We can then help ensure your success with our management and IT services.   It’s the best of both worlds — you get what you want, and we ensure you don’t make mistakes that often can happen to prevent a successful rollout of your system. saving time and money.

Application & Database System Optimization

If you are an established company that has either

  • Outgrown your application and/or database systems
  • or Not ever happy with the systems

Work with our team revamp your system.  We provide application and database performance tuning to increase efficiency, data integration and business consulting services to make better use of your data, data cleansing services to clean up dirty database data.  We also have data management services for ongoing data administration, and database analysis to help you understand what isn’t working and how we can help fix the issues.

Systems Consulting for Technology Roles 

We also offer application and database administrator services to help your staff implement the design and architecture and/or operate the systems once the development is completed (or the first release in most cases).

We specialize in helping companies integrate corporate data for applications and analytics using data mining and data demo-graphical analysis.

For part-time, full-time, and project-based consulting services across all areas of IT, contact us today.