JMG Solutions Expoerts is a business and IT systems and solutions consulting company. We help companies of all sizes with their systems from performance and architecture reviews to full system build outs.

In most cases, we are engaged for struggling or broken systems and where "scaling" and "fault tollorance" is needed for new and existing systems.   We specialize in scaling full stack systems but focus on the data layer and accessablity as in many cases, that is where most problems start and/or can be solved.

We help Larger and Smaller companies with thier systems for on-premins and cloud based systems.  We ensure they are Scalable, Faut Tollorant and have great perofrmances so that those applicaitons are ready to scale for fast growth.

We are based in the Salt Lake City region but have worked with clients worldwide, from multi-national companies to startups.

Jack Garzella, CEO - Short BIO

Jack has delivered many large scalable solutions for various industries form e-commerce and digital marketing to heavy manufactures and technology provides. He has a diverse career running his own companies and as a Sr. Executive in large growth companies and technology companies.

He drives their business and technology solutions to ensure they meet the business functionality but also the performance, stability and growth targets needed to ensure Successful Results.

He initially worked in his own company but the branched out to fast growing Internet companies (MatchLogic, Excite@Home, MarketVision, Overtock.com) as well as positions at large IT Vendors (Oracle, Teradata, etc).  His latest company MyFlightSolutions created the first vertical ERP suite for General Aviation as well as Airline Pilot Training Systems.   He now focuses on helping other companies with End2EndResults.





Jack has always excelled with scaling systems in conjunction with data integration. Some of his accomplishments are listed here:

  • Executive positions held over time as CIO, CTO, CEO, VP of Sales & Consulting
  • Created “The Business and Tech Podcast” – an interview based educational podcast with content for both the business executives and technology team
  • Inventions: He invented and implemented Real-Time data warehousing for reporting, analytics and application APIs that is common in today’s architectures replacing the predominant batch processing warehouses at the time.
  • Scaling : At MatchLogic created the first Real-Time click-stream analysis system to market real-time “next click” and “next email” advertising offers. Scaled the initial processing of the 1×1 pixel created at MatchLogic for all interactions.
  • In the mid-2010’s founded MyFlightSolutions which created the first integrated ERP system for General Aviation operators and Airline Pilot Training with scheduling, compliance, billing and safety systems that allowed globally certification for paperless sign-off compliance.
  • One of the first to create large Oracle data warehouses before they were standard practice in data architectures
  • At Overstock.com the first to implement multi-data center Oracle RAC clusters in the mid-2000s.
  • At Overstock.com implemented the first Teradata Warehouse on Linux in 2006 with all the real-time analytics needed by for large volume site click-traffic driving sales and marketing.
  • Implemented redundant multi-location applcation and data warehouse databases creating five 9’s availability for systems at MatchLogic, Excite@Home, Overstock.com and MyFlightSolutions just to name a few.
  • At Teradata grew the High Tech West Division of Teradata from $20 million in sales to over $120 in three years.
  • Managed large teams of 100’s of employees and contractors but also smaller agile teams for startups and fast high growth companies.

Jack’s technical and communication skills allowed him to design and propose systems, but just as important, manage the implementation of the solutions with his business and IT implementation teams.  Jack has maintained a level of technical skills focusing on Business Analytics with DBA and Development Operations (DevOps Cloud and on-premises) focus while working with business leaders to define and deliver scalable systems that allow businesses to grow and generate profits.