Pole-vaulting, Mountain Climbing and Coding? – The Most Interesting Developer David Fritz

David Fritz is a successful coder, architect, entrepreneur and athlete.  David has a worked with me and has had a very successful career before that in both his “day job” building systems as well as his athletic career.   He is an avid climber and biker however he is the BEST full stack developer I have met. 

  • 0:20 – Jack’s Introduction of David
  • 1:28 – Interview with David – How did a Computer Science  guy become a pole vaulter?
  • 4:40 – Getting to the mountains
  • 5:45 – Balancing the Long Term and Short Term in Development
  • 8:45. How you approach Development (UI, Data, Business Logic, etc.)
  • 10:45. Requirements – How much is enough
  • 13:50  – Off the shelve vs Build your own
  • 16:28 – Managing Plug-Ins and Open Source
  • 19:33 – Test Tradeoffs to Deploying to Production
  • 24:27 – David found time to Climb Mountains
  • 28:22 – Rapid Fire
  • 33:46 – Wrap Up and Stay Tuned


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