Reports, Dashboards, Analytics and Data Science

There is a TON of data available today !! The organization and visualization of data have never been more important to understand your business (sales trends, marketing campaigns, delivery performance, social media, etc.)

We have unique expertise in stock market analytics as well as corporate data analytics. For stock market analytics, please call as so we can ensure your usage "advisory" and ensure you understand what we are providing in our analytics on market segmentation and moves.

In the corporate world, the vast amount and diverse sources available today, organization and visualization are required to get the right insight for the questions being asked. Bringing customer CRM, Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Inventory and manufacturing data together to produce insights into the business can be easy but in most cases is quite challenging.

Our team is here to help. We have been doing data integration with various levels of reporting, dashboards and analytics for over 30 years. Some of our team created the initial data warehouses that are commonplace today and we lead the teams that helped scale these systems from Gigabytes to Terabytes to Petabytes (and yes, most people don't care what a Petabyte is, but it s a TON of data).

Data is KING - Tools are Queen

You have data, and it is highly valuable IF and ONLY IF you the data is organized and accessible. Our team helps to organize the data so visualization tools and reports can do their work without special programming, macros, etc..

We can help with all aspects for reporting, dashboards and data analysis:

  • Data Integration and Data Cleansing
  • Dashboards with Drill Down Capability
  • Standard Reports (Row/Column/Summary)
  • Graphical Reports and Graphical Data Demographics
  • Mobile Reporting, Dashboards and Metric Notifications

Visualization and Reporting tools are widely available. The choice of the tool should be based on the compatibility with the data storage and the types of visualization and reporting that are needed to answer the business questions.

Common Data Visualization Tools used by non-Corporate Clients due to easy availability and lower cost:

  • Microsoft PowerBI (and SSRS Reporting)
  • Microsoft Excel (by far the most widely used reporting product)
  • Tableau

Corporate clients might also use Business Objects, MicroStrategy and a large number of other COTS products that can be purchased or subscribed for usage. Our team has used most of them on various products. There are also options for integration with reports from CRM systems (like that can be done via APIs to their systems.

Our team can help you get the most out of your current tools and/or help you select tools and implement them to get the most business value out of your data.