Consulting, Coaching & Training

We have organized our services to help client with their technology challenges with three types of services:

  1. Coaching - Helping your staff learn (and lead):, design, development, test, scaling and monitoring
  2. Consulting - Helping your staff or outright taking on the project to provide the solution
  3. Training - Training staff with "hand-on" implementation - a combination of Coaching and Consulting

Our non-packaged general hourly rate is $175/hour for a Sr. Consultant Engagement by one of our partners. Lower rates are used for ad-hoc development and implementation services.

Packages for Coaching:

Staff Leadership - We help drive and direct your team (and it's members) to successful outcome

Staff Guidance - We help guide the team to success but are not driving the project plan or detailed actions

Packages for Consulting:

Staff Augmentation to help your team provide the solution.

DBA, REports & Dashboards, Performance Tuning , Full Stack Tuning/Evaluation, Architecture Assessment, Architecture Design

Full Project Solutions

We can develop backend, analytic, mobile and full stack applications as requested. Please call or email "" to setup a call to discuss your needs.

Packages for Training:

Training is for project/systems based hand-on implementation. We are not providing "basic" training on a technology or language, but using your teams basic skills to help them implement a successful application and system from our expeirence with those technologies helping them gain valuable experience.

Any type of help and/or project work is possible so just call us or email "" and we would be happy to configure the right services at the right price for your needs.