Performance & Scaling

Our team has deep experience with performance tuning and scaling systems as well as the most common issue, the database setup, configuration and design. We help in design, setup, scaling, fault tolerance and performance tuning for application and analytics systems.

If you already have a system that is struggling to grow, we can help analyze the issues and implement changes with your team to ensure performance and growth.

Members team has created some of the largest systems and largest databases in the world. They also created the FIRST first real-time data warehouse with real-time analytical systems. This was done for large e-commerce and manufacturing clients. We apply all of those BEST PRACTICES to each of our client systems and in our consulting engagements.

System Analysis

The database is a key component of the architecture for scaling and performance, it is not the only possible bottleneck. The application server environment, network, middle-ware (API) layers can also cause major scaling and performance bottlenecks. We analyze all of these area before making recommendations for implementable solution.

We can provide Analysis and Monitoring layers of the architecture:

  • Network Throughput and Bottlenecks
  • Application Server and/or Container Services (Docker, etc.)
  • Database Performance and Tuning
  • APIs and other Application Service Layers

Structured Databases:

We provide full Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Performance Tuning for all of the below database platforms either in the Cloud or on-premise.

We provide full set of services for most database platforms.   We know how to scale, tune and ensure these systems are fault tolerate and performant for applications and analytic systems.

Our high level services are:

  • Design of the Data Models (or re-factoring them)
  • Architecture design for fault tolerance and performance
  • Implementation – Create and Configure the databases
  • Monitoring – for uptime, performance metrics and usage trends
  • Performance Tuning for reporting, analytical dashboards, APIs and Applications

The below database platforms most commonly used for Cloud or on-premise deployments.

  • SQL Server – (2015-2019 Versions) - Cloud (AWS and Azure) as well as on-premise systems.
  • Amazon Aurora – for those not needing exact MySQL or PostgreSQL system.
  • MySQL – Cloud based in AWS but we also work on-premise systems.
  • Teradata – Our team have deep experience with this data warehouse platform
  • Oracle – We have worked with Oracle since Version 7 on highly available and large systems

We also offer mentoring and full time, part time or off hours monitoring and management of systems from a DBA operations and/or application support processes.

Unstructured Databases:

Unstructured data systems and databases such as MongoDB and Hadoop variants are used for projects requiring those features. Our team loves these databases for various analytics projects and some application systems. However care has to be used to ensure the right level of data integrity and consistency are provided to the application(s) based on the business requirements for consistent data.